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9 Stages of Transformational Change

The “Grief-Then-Growth” Cycle by Robert S. Tipton Transformational change just “feels” hard, don’t you think? It’s an unsettling, unpleasant, “when is life going to return to normal” kind of thing. At least that’s the way I hear people talk about it when they’re in the midst of it (even me!). Over the years, I’ve formulated […]

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5 Essential Behaviors of Transformational Change Leaders

by Robert S. Tipton Responding to a request that came as a result of my last post, “7 Core Beliefs of Transformational Change Leaders,” (TCLs) this post takes a look at the behaviors behind the beliefs of a TCL. Specifically, one reader included this thought: “Great post! I can’t imagine anyone reading through this and, […]

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7 Core Beliefs of Transformational Change Leaders

by Robert S. Tipton I’ve been assembling the list of “7 Core Beliefs of Transformational Change Leaders” (TCLs) over the past several years, and I’ve come to discover that these folks are just — well — different. You “know” it when you’re in their presence… TCLs live an attitude of “been there, done that,” and […]

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Micromanagers Anonymous (“MA”)

by Robert S. Tipton “One person’s micromanagement is just another person’s way of making sure none of their employees mess anything up so badly that it will come back and reflect negatively on them.” Now, I don’t know if anyone ever said that before — or if I just made it up (I did make […]

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Why “Plan the Work, Work the Plan” Is Hope-Less

by Robert S. Tipton With all due respect to Nike’s marketing department (who was focusing on ending procrastination — which is an altogether different topic), it is often difficult for individuals and organizations to resist the siren call of “just do it.” We’re bombarded by marketing messages telling us to get more done more quickly […]

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Wisdom of “The Dog Whisperer,” “Super Nanny,” and a Kindergarten Teacher

“Dogs communicate through energy. You display leadership by projecting calm, assertive energy.” — Cesar Milan, “The Dog Whisperer” I’m amazed by the amount of negative, destructive energy that “leaders” expend when it comes to implementing change. Even in simple things — like trying to get people to pay attention at the beginning of a meeting […]

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