City of Loveland

Building / Development Review Process: 2009 – 2010



The City of Loveland, Colorado (a community of about 65,000 about an hour north of Denver) had what was considered to be the most inefficient building department review process in Northern Colorado, and desired to make substantial improvements to their approaches.


Unlike most process improvement projects (where a consultant reviews the situation, and then delivers a report and hopes things change) — this project needed to be performed in a collaborative way from the start. Not only was there division within the City staff themselves, the relationship between the City and the development community was strained.

This project fell directly into our sweet spot, as we focused heavily on alignment, vision, strategy and the initial parts of planning.


The City staff became tightly aligned around a shared vision, the resulting changes to the process were profound, and the support and understanding from the development community was significant. The City Manager called this the project he was most proud of during his tenure, and one he was eager to share with City Council.

More of the Story:

City of Loveland, Development Community Workshop, March 2010

Some projects are just extraordinary — in the true definition of the word: exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable. Exceptional. Noteworthy. Remarkable.
Such is the case with a project where our involvement came to an official close on Tuesday night of this week. And, because the project was with a public agency (the City of Loveland, CO), we can actually talk a little about it. Many of our clients are private organizations, or the work we do for some public agencies is confidential…

Therefore, this is a “somewhat rare” circumstance where we can tell you just how proud we are of a client — and the progress they’ve made! Since last September (off and on), we’ve had the chance to design and facilitate a process improvement project for the Building Department in the City of Loveland, CO.

The picture you see above represents a highly unusual situation — developers, builders, contractors, engineers and architects working side-by-side in a collaborative workshop with City employees (plans review, streets, fire, storm water, power, water, etc.).

Anyway, at the Loveland City Council study session on Tuesday evening — before an audience of many city staff members who have been part of the process all along — the council heard about the value of committing to collaborative involvement, making decisions based on common sense, developing clear, dependable, and transparent process, as well as what happens when a group of city employees are given the tools and support needed to design the future.

For more about the presentation to Loveland’s City Council, click on the image above. Again, it was an extraordinary outcome. Who says governments need to be paralyzed by dysfunctional politics and personal agendas? Loveland is an example of one that is VERY different indeed. Thanks for letting us be part of it, and congratulations.