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Franklin Falcon from the Leadership Fable in JUMP! - Get Unstuck, © 2010 Robert S. Tipton

Franklin Falcon from the Leadership Fable in JUMP! - Get Unstuck

What’s Keeping You Up At Night?


Here are some challenges we hear about from our clients all the time.
Do they sound familiar to you?


Your Challenge: “Why Can’t We Communicate Effectively?”

  • We want to make sure the “right people,” hear the “right things,” at the “right time,” using the “right tools.”


Just assuming that communication will be effective within your project is like assuming throwing enough letters into the sky will create a dictionary. Strategic communications requires comprehensive planning, and excellence in execution. We do both.

Your Challenge: “Why Are Our Silos So ‘Sticky’?”

  • It seems like politics and personalities drive project outcomes most of the time.
  • People are more interested in “being right” than in doing “what’s right” for our stakeholders. It’s frustrating!


Silos exist in organizations because they’ve been allowed to exist. Too few leaders have taken the viewpoint that “unless what we’re doing is in support of ______ goals, we stop doing it.” We’ll help you concentrate on “what’s right,” not “who’s right.”

Your Challenge: “How Can We Stay on Track for the Long Haul?”

  • We need to be held accountable for the decisions we made during the planning and chartering phases of the project.
  • We also need to ensure that the team dynamics continue to support a high-performance environment — where we are delivering exceptional results.


One of our favorite quotes from a customer is this: “We are great at planning. We are great at doing. We aren’t great at doing what we plan.” Without ongoing commitment and accountability to the plan, it’s easy to wander into the weeds. We have no problem asking the tough questions like, “What? Who said that was a good idea??”

Your Challenge: “Are We Ready for this Project Right Now?”

  • How ready are we to do this project as an organization?
  • What problems might we encounter as we move forward?


We’ll give you an objective assessment of the “inner workings” of your organization, and drawing upon our deep experience we will assess your readiness to take on this project / program.

Your Challenge: “Are Our Leaders Really on the Same Page?”

  • Are we sure we agree about what we’re trying to accomplish and why?
  • It’s time to get clear about how we’ll communicate, how we’ll make decisions, and how we’ll work together – we need some ground rules.


It’s very typical for project / program management types to spend considerable time chartering the “doing” part of the project (resources, time lines, etc.). However, little (if any) time is usually spent on the “being” part of the project (behaviors, culture, etc.). That’s a problem. We’ll help you create a meaningful, aligned leadership TEAM charter.

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Are We Right for Each Other?

As we like to say, “there’s a perfect socket for every plug” — and that’s true for our Change Management Pro solutions as well.

Being clear in how we describe ourselves, and getting specific in the types of clients that we see are a “best fit” will help us both make sure we’re a good match right from the start.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a series of qualifying questions to determine whether or not your needs and our approach would be like “chocolate syrup and milk” or more like “oil and water…”

Here goes:

  • Are your leaders willing to focus on “what’s right” and not “who’s right?”
  • Do you focus BOTH on good financials and good culture?
  • Do you have POWERFUL impetus behind your need to change?
  • Is your organization’s leadership able to “live in uncertainty” for a time?
  • Is there “some level” of altruism in your mission?

If you answer yes to these questions, and you like what we offer, let’s talk — we’re likely to have a great outcome together!

On the other hand, if your organization is purely interested in driving “the numbers” without regard for “human considerations,” we shouldn’t talk any further. The chemistry won’t work. It will be oil meets water, or more like nitro meets glycerin.

While it is important to have good numbers, we believe it’s also important to have a clear conscience, a strong commitment to serving each other, and the joy of working together in a powerful, aligned team environment.

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