Transformational Change

We’re experts in transformational change.

For transformational change to occur, culture needs to change — and culture doesn’t change solely through planning, training, and performance metrics.

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We’re experts at “bending your same, old curve” — particularly in bureaucratic, institutionalized industries like health care, government, utilities, education, and non-profits. To make it happen, we use our “cultural assessment” diagnostic to understand your situation quickly and comprehensively, design and facilitate a unique process to determine your best path(s) forward, and then enroll, align, and lead your leadership teams in driving transformational change.

We are a professional services firm comprised of expert transformational change facilitators, and we believe all great leaders want the best for their organizations, their employees and their communities. Every day we help our clients plan for the future, navigate uncertainty, overcome obstacles and transform their workplaces so that they can achieve spectacular results.

We couldn’t be more proud of our clients. From government agencies and utilities undertaking large-scale infrastructure projects and programs, to innovative schools and educational organizations, to transformational health care organizations–they are working hard not only for themselves but for all of us. We are passionate about supporting organizations serving the public good.

Our approach is personalized to each client, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all methodologies or swooping in with “answers.” We become deeply engaged so that we can assist clients in surfacing solutions informed by the knowledge, wisdom and expertise of the professionals in their organization.

We partner with our clients to create unified, innovative, and vibrant organizations where employees are inspired and excited by the work they accomplish every day.


TOP FIVE Benefits of Engaging Us:

1. Objectivity:

We offer an independent, impartial, fresh viewpoint free of personal interest, pre-conceptions or existing traditions and loyalties. We have no “dog in your fight,” and are only interested in the success of your transformational change initiatives. Period.

2. Broad Experience:

We work with a wide variety of municipal and state clients (with a particular emphasis on public infrastructure), healthcare clients, education clients, and utility clients. We frequently tackle problems which confront any individual client only once in a decade or more (culture change, toxic relationships, out-of-control situations).

3. Analytical Skill:

We are trained in a range of analytical skills (including both the “doing” and the “behaving” involved in organizational success) and know how to concentrate on the main problem areas and define the requirements for solution and benefits to be gained.

4. Full-Time Attention

We can devote full-time attention to you — when we are on site, we are 100% focused on the client organization. We have no other responsibilities or job duties within the organization.

5. Collaboration:

We collaborate with all internal stakeholders (executives, managers, supervisors within the specific department or organization, as well as support organizations like HR, legal, finance, IT, admin, etc.) to create comprehensive, sustainable, and compliance-based approaches to transformational change.