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BONUS: Epic Change Failure Cause Number 11

11. Drop the Bomb and Wait for the Sheep BTW — didn’t this guy get the memo that there’s something HAZARDOUS here? Talk about a bad lie — and an epic failure just waiting to happen. (photo credit: unknown) I’ve recently posted my “hall of shame” related to The Top 10 Ways to Ensure Epic […]

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10 Ways to Ensure Epic Change Failures

by Robert S. Tipton Most approaches to managing, mandating, or dictating change just don’t work, and some create catastrophically bad outcomes. Recently I’ve analyzed the “Epic Change Failures” I’ve seen, and I’ve developed my “hall of shame” Top 10 list related to them as a result. (Note: Just ONE on my list of ten is […]

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Growing Your Collection of “Used-To-Thinks”

by Robert S. Tipton Tell me about your collection of “used-to-thinks…” You know what I mean — “I used to think that _____________, but now I don’t.” Or “I used to think every ______________ got _______________, but now I see it the other way.” That’s a “used-to-think.” (U2T) Now, the older I get, the bigger […]

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Feeling Down? Make a Joyful Choice.

As seen on Facebook (from an 18 year old): “People buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t know!” Now, there’s an enlightened teenager — with wisdom far beyond her years. Let’s just hope she’s able to remember what she said last week on her Facebook wall when […]

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