Do you thirst for more engaged employees who are

inspired and empowered to deliver outstanding results?

… We can help you with that.

"High Respect, High Performance Workshop" (City of Longmont, Public Works)

“High Respect, High Performance Workshop” (City of Longmont, Public Works)

You’ll come away feeling in control of your future, enthusiastic and proud of your work, prepared to meet your challenges head-on, and inspired and eager to come to work each day. We’ll help you:

  • Build and execute upon clear roadmaps for success
  • Enjoy better morale and higher employee engagement scores
  • Develop a healthier, highly-productive culture
  • Eliminate bottlenecks constricting your effectiveness

What’s the secret?

We are experts at breaking though historical barriers — particularly in bureaucratic, institutionalized industries like health care, government, utilities, education, and non-profits. To make it happen, we use our “cultural assessment” diagnostic to understand your situation quickly and comprehensively, design and facilitate a unique process to determine your best path(s) forward, and then enroll, align, and lead your leadership teams in driving transformational change.

We roll up our sleeves, dig in, and help you get moving!

Whether it’s a “light dusting” or a “deep dive” into the messiest of situations, we’ll help you create a powerful path forward to overcome your barriers to progress. We’ll help you with the TOUGH meetings … We’ll help you make stuff happen – BIG stuff.

"Design the Future Workshop" (Evergreen Packaging)

“Design the Future Workshop,” Evergreen Packaging

Learn more about why our clients rave about their results:


Creating laser-like agreement among leadership teams sets-up the organization to be successful in its change-related efforts.

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Compelling, Power-Filled Visions come from aligned teams. These kinds of visions will overcome any future resistance (fear of change, etc.)

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Strategy is all about creating the "what and how" related to delivering the organizational vision. We call these "Goals" and "R.A.T.S.M. Objectives."

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Planning creates specific actions and accountabilities (the "who" and when") so that the alignment, vision, and strategy work isn't wasted. Make it REAL!

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