14 Golden Rules of Successful Change

We think we know what you might be saying to yourselves…
“Change initiatives can actually succeed? Really? And there are 14 different “golden rules” as to why?”
Yes, yes — and yes, here are our “Change Management Pro’s 14 Golden Rules of Successful Change” (separated into three major categories — awareness which drives attitude which shapes actions):


1. Urgency fuels change
2. Biases are not facts
3. Change evokes grief
4. Change happens one person at a time
5. Enduring change is a team sport


6. Change can be positive
7. Model the behavior you expect
8. Flexibility is mandatory
9. Engage long-term viewpoints
10. Positive energy wins


11. Decide to change
12. Perform relevant planning
13. Commit resources
14. Be accountable

How We Can Help

Just follow our 14 Golden Rules — it’s simple really… (okay, maybe it’s not simple…)
Why? Because following our 14 Golden Rules may require a complete shift of culture and leadership styles. As such, our 14 Golden Rules often don’t see the light of day because of historical biases, the status quo tar pits, limiting beliefs, and other low-energy ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. That’s where we come in — we can help shepherd and coach you through the process of creating successful change.

Unfortunately, in our experience without a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting, most change initiatives — whether personal (think New Year’s Resolutions) or organizational (think the people side of mergers and acquisitions) fail to deliver upon our “going in positions” and expectations. Why? Because the energy that’s brought to change efforts usually dooms them from the start.

First, many tend to spend most of their time thinking about ways to fix things that have gone wrong — situations, decisions, outcomes, etc., that have gotten them to where they are. They sometimes seem fixated on placing blame, and in finding and implicated the guilty. These actions do NOTHING related to change — in fact, they are anchors to the past.

Second, many have had change forced down their throats, and they didn’t like it. As such, they’ve developed a resistance to change — especially without their participation or their permission. They become passive aggressive (at a minimum), overtly cynical and negative (usually), and sometimes even declare mutiny when it comes to change. Many are instantly negative when the word change is uttered, because their historical experiences with change have been poor.

Third, many are cynical about change. The fact that so many of the change initiatives in which they’ve participated have been viewed as failures, and the fact that many managers themselves are not committed to seeing the change through to the end, cause many to demonstrate the “yeah, right…” attitude that pulls change efforts off the cliffs and into oblivion. Have you heard the statement, “I’m just going to wait them out. They’ll be another change-of-the-month coming soon…” Doomed.

We’d like to propose that many there’s a different way. Change CAN be successful, every time, by following our 14 Golden Rules of Successful Change.
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