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Two Big Secrets to Stopping Unproductive Conflict Before it Starts

Our relationship with conflict is really messed up. We create unproductive conflict all the time – either actively or passively – that could be stopped before it even starts. It’s time to fix our perspectives about conflict. Conflict is a needed element in driving for and achieving the best possible outcomes between and among people. […]

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The “Other 499/500ths” of Human History

“Management” is an anachronistic vestige from the industrial age. We long for the “other” 499/500ths of human history… We don’t need – or even want – managers. Instead, we thirst for leadership! In this vein, an old saying comes to mind, “You lead people, you manage things…” The earliest reference I found to this quote […]

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Buy-In Sucks. Here’s Why.

If “Buy-In” was a person, he or she would be a 98 pound weakling. (Apologies to all healthy, strong individuals who weigh 98 pounds [or so], it’s just an expression!) Additionally, “Buy-In” is virtually powerless to truly drive significant, transformational change. If this is true, why do so many managers think that “Buy-In” is all […]

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Creeping Meatballism (the path toward “Meh…”)

We’re not so much a product of our environment, as we’re a product of our expectations. And, if you’re settling for “less-than” with your expectations, you’re settling for meatballs (apologies to my vegan, vegetarian and Swedish friends – it’s just a metaphor! ). With a nod to a guy named Glen Metelmann—a friend, mentor, former […]

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What Happened When I Quit Saying the Word “BUSY”

What if I told you that you could be more relaxed, more focused, more calm – and actually discover more time in your day – without using any drugs, alcohol, counseling, diet, exercise program or mediation technique? Would you believe me? Actually, I have found ALL of those benefits – by doing one small, simple […]

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Anti-Venom for Toxic Politics: 3 Key Ingredients

Toxic office politics waste an unbelievable amount of time that could be used FAR more productively. And, I find WAY too many people just simply accept the toxic situation as being “just the way it is around here.” Okay — here’s a different viewpoint. Stop that! Quit accepting unhealthy, toxic situations as “normal” — they […]

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6 Signs It’s Time for Transformational Change

Is it time for transformational change — or is incremental change more appropriate? Too often leaders mistake one for the other, and wind up doing too little too late, or squashing the proverbial fly with a sledgehammer. Neither situation turns out well, unfortunately. by Robert S. Tipton Yes, as the old saying goes, “change […]

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3 Transformational Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

“Low employee engagement is a competitive disadvantage.” Bold assertion or obvious statement? To me it’s as obvious as the proverbial noses on our faces — a disengaged workforce means more absenteeism, higher voluntary turnover, and overall lousy productivity. But, what are we doing about it? Usually the wrong things, I fear. by Robert S. Tipton […]

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Enthusiasm IS a Competitive Advantage

by Robert S. Tipton Which is better? Employees that do “whatever it takes” related to customer service, quality, efficiency, etc., or employees that ensure they simply comply with the metrics in their performance plans? Be careful how you answer that question. It’s easy to say, “Oh — it’s obviously the former…” However, in my experience […]

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3 TOUGHEST Barriers to Change

3 TOUGHEST Barriers to Change by Robert S. Tipton I run into a lot of different barriers to change, but there are three that have proved to be tougher to overcome than the rest: 1) Suffering in Advance; 2) The Myth of Consensus; and 3) All Things Pass. Yours Truly in the Edison One, a […]

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