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The “Other 499/500ths” of Human History

“Management” is an anachronistic vestige from the industrial age. We long for the “other” 499/500ths of human history… We don’t need – or even want – managers. Instead, we thirst for leadership! In this vein, an old saying comes to mind, “You lead people, you manage things…” The earliest reference I found to this quote […]

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Buy-In Sucks. Here’s Why.

If “Buy-In” was a person, he or she would be a 98 pound weakling. (Apologies to all healthy, strong individuals who weigh 98 pounds [or so], it’s just an expression!) Additionally, “Buy-In” is virtually powerless to truly drive significant, transformational change. If this is true, why do so many managers think that “Buy-In” is all […]

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Creeping Meatballism (the path toward “Meh…”)

We’re not so much a product of our environment, as we’re a product of our expectations. And, if you’re settling for “less-than” with your expectations, you’re settling for meatballs (apologies to my vegan, vegetarian and Swedish friends – it’s just a metaphor! ). With a nod to a guy named Glen Metelmann—a friend, mentor, former […]

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What Happened When I Quit Saying the Word “BUSY”

What if I told you that you could be more relaxed, more focused, more calm – and actually discover more time in your day – without using any drugs, alcohol, counseling, diet, exercise program or mediation technique? Would you believe me? Actually, I have found ALL of those benefits – by doing one small, simple […]

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