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3 Transformational Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

“Low employee engagement is a competitive disadvantage.” Bold assertion or obvious statement? To me it’s as obvious as the proverbial noses on our faces — a disengaged workforce means more absenteeism, higher voluntary turnover, and overall lousy productivity. But, what are we doing about it? Usually the wrong things, I fear. by Robert S. Tipton […]

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BONUS: Epic Change Failure Cause Number 11

11. Drop the Bomb and Wait for the Sheep BTW — didn’t this guy get the memo that there’s something HAZARDOUS here? Talk about a bad lie — and an epic failure just waiting to happen. (photo credit: unknown) I’ve recently posted my “hall of shame” related to The Top 10 Ways to Ensure Epic […]

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10 Ways to Ensure Epic Change Failures

by Robert S. Tipton Most approaches to managing, mandating, or dictating change just don’t work, and some create catastrophically bad outcomes. Recently I’ve analyzed the “Epic Change Failures” I’ve seen, and I’ve developed my “hall of shame” Top 10 list related to them as a result. (Note: Just ONE on my list of ten is […]

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6 Keys to Success Amid the “Great Employee Exodus” of 2013

Success Strategy #6 for Transformational Change Leaders by Robert S. Tipton If the predictions I read for the US (in particular) become reality, the 2013 workplace will include a tsunami of change. No — this change will not be in the type of work we’re doing, nor in the technologies we’ll be using. Instead, the […]

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3 Steps to Eliminate Leadership Anxiety

Success Strategy #5 for Transformational Change Leaders by Robert S. Tipton Leadership CAN be a anxiety-free activity. No — seriously, I’m not making this up. We just need to get our bearings straight, and then follow three simple steps. By doing these things, I’ve found it makes a HUGE difference in my anxiety levels related […]

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Wisdom of “The Dog Whisperer,” “Super Nanny,” and a Kindergarten Teacher

“Dogs communicate through energy. You display leadership by projecting calm, assertive energy.” — Cesar Milan, “The Dog Whisperer” I’m amazed by the amount of negative, destructive energy that “leaders” expend when it comes to implementing change. Even in simple things — like trying to get people to pay attention at the beginning of a meeting […]

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